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From Tragedy to Togetherness: Crisis at Castle View Elementary School 

From Tragedy to Togetherness

One to two hour breakout session or presentations


Session Description


Session Description: Preparing for the "unknown" may sound like and impossible task, but when it comes to communications, preparedness and proactivity are key. 


On Halloween Day in 2017, a parent at Castle View Elementary in Riverside, California barricade himself into a classroom, taking a first grade teacher hostage. After almost 7 hours, the situation came to an end when the Riverside Police Department shot and killed the suspect, and rescued the 70 year-old teacher. This incident left a community shaken and students afraid to return to school.


Learn about the pre-existing protocol, communications strategy and all of the training that helped the crisis team function efficiently in the early moments - and how other strategic PR and communications tactics helped move the situation from tragedy, to togetherness.


Materials requested:

  • An LCD projector and screen

  • An accessory/power cord package

  • One wired or wireless microphone

  • An audio connection

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